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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher AHU-Manty
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun fau
Best Accuracy with Machine gun AHU-champi
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun GER*Miroslav
Best Accuracy with Rail gun UnnamedPlayer (3)
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher !<FraG_MasiN?
Best Accuracy with Shot gun LisaTheAnn
Best Overall Accuracy AHU-champi
Best Killer with Gauntlet AHU-Shantu
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher *DT*Tubylec
Best Killer with Lightning gun UnnamedPlayer (3)
Best Killer with Machine gun GER*ribx
Best Killer with Plasma gun *DT*Edversion
Best Killer with Rail gun AHU-champi
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher GER*Orgi69
Best Killer with Shot gun GER*ironmonkey
Best Damage Accuracy AHU-champi
Best Effectiveness AHU-Shantu
Best Fighter UnnamedPlayer (3)
Best Tank UnnamedPlayer (3)
Cleanest Player AHU-champi
Highest Damage Given GER*Miroslav
Highest Damage Output REDRUM
Lowest Damage Taken LisaTheAnn
Hall of Fame
Most Number of Awards UnnamedPlayer (3)
Deathliest Hitter LisaTheAnn
Hardest Hitter LisaTheAnn
Highest Hit Rate GER*Miroslav
Armor Shard Man UnnamedPlayer (3)
Body Armor Man AHU-cT
Combat Armor Man AHU-jonas
Health Man AHU-cT
Large Health Man UnnamedPlayer (3)
Mega Health Man AHU-Manty
Small Health Man UnnamedPlayer (3)
Best Efficiency UnnamedPlayer (3)
Best Killer GER*Miroslav
Best Scorer UnnamedPlayer (3)
Highest Kill Streak AHU-jonas
Lowest Death Streak UnnamedPlayer (3)
Toughest Victim UnnamedPlayer (3)
Top Stats
Maximum Accuracy GER*Miroslav
Maximum Armor MyWifeHatesQ3
Maximum Damage Efficiency LisaTheAnn
Maximum Health MyWifeHatesQ3
Maximum Score AHU-juju
Grenade Launcher Man *DT*Edversion
Lightning gun Man gladiat0r
Plasma gun Man *DT*Edversion
Rail gun Man LisaTheAnn
Rocket Launcher Man pks
Shot gun Man GER*ironmonkey
Award Listing for Best killer with machine gun (top 200)
#Player Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1GER*ribx76 3 25.33
2AHU-champi160 7 22.86
3GER*Miroslav220 10 22.00
4AHU-Denz0a102 5 20.40
5REDRUM56 3 18.67
6AHU-juju130 7 18.57
7gladiat0r38 3 12.67
8AHU-Shantu88 7 12.57
9GER*Orgi6937 3 12.33
10me12 1 12.00
11GER*MAKAVELI36 3 12.00
12fau113 10 11.30
13Agi65 6 10.83
14GER*ironmonkey30 3 10.00
15*DT*Tubylec56 6 9.33
16!<FraG_MasiN?54 6 9.00
17Semisek4852 7 7.43
18MyWifeHatesQ332 6 5.33
19AHU-Manty17 4 4.25
20aimer42 10 4.20
21AHU-cT4 1 4.00
22*DT*Edversion11 3 3.67
23LisaTheAnn16 6 2.67
24AHU-jonas6 3 2.00
25pks2 2 1.00
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